Maricha's Bio

Hi! I’m Maricha Bulger – a creative strategist helping Youtube Video Creators learn how to promote their content through digital and social media.

My goal is to share my knowledge, best practices and strategy through coaching by providing the resources to help you achieve your goals on the YouTube platform.

I am about to launch my website where not only do I share information, strategy and tips, you can meet other video creators and take advantage of a supportive community by joining our facebook group.


Andrea Mercier
Video Creator & Owner-operator at Anlome's Art

"Maricha has significantly helped me streamline my YouTube channel home page to get more subscribers; updated my Facebook page with additional tabs/apps and helped me revamp my thumbnails on YouTube to attract more viewers. Easy to work with, knowledgeable and up-to-date on current applications, trends and technology on most social media platforms. Highly recommend.

Kelly Ann Burge
Owner-operator at Digital Delilah

"Maricha is excellent in giving you the information you need to be successful. She is able to deliver what you need to know in a very thoughtful and make sense kind of way.

Video Creator/Artist

"I have found Maricha to be very thorough in the information she has given me. She is very approachable and knows her stuff, evidenced by the fact that when I have made the changes she has suggested, I have received the positive results she told me I would get. I have always felt welcomed and nothing was too much trouble."

Video Creator/Artist

"Maricha is one of the few people who has an agile and current knowledge of YouTube and it best Practices. She is a key member of the mentoring team in the CAC. She has a deep understanding of the YouTube Platform. Her ability to decipher Analytics and SEO make her a singular person in this Emerging industry."